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Meet your new favourite fille de joie

Do you prefer it sunny... or wet?

black bbw escort smiling wearing pink lingerie

Hey stranger, let's get acquainted before we make magic happen.

I'm a London-based independent companion. Although, as you might have guessed by now, my first language is French, so don’t be surprised to hear a slight and lovely accent when we first meet!

I am a delicious mix between one of the most romantic places in the world and West African origins. 
Imagine a delicious chocolate taste blended with a charming smile and a juicy derrière. All of it is topped with a glamorous style concealing alluring curves.

Let me be your tender and affectionate girlfriend, whether for a brief encounter, a couple of hours or until the next morning. I particularly enjoy GFE for the intimacy it allows but mind you, soft never means boring in my book! Having fun is always my number one priority, for you, for me, and for a third maybe?

Adventurous and bold, I am always up for the next challenge, so never shy away from sharing your fantasies with me. Show me how kinky you can be, I'm begging for it! I would say I am naturally a submissive brat who loves to obey... and disobey, but if you're brave enough, I can introduce you to my dominant side. Whether you're into facesitting, verbal humiliation or full body worship, I will teach you what it means to be a good boy or a good girl. Trust me.

I have quite a bubbly personality, my friends say. I am fierce and forceful, I can be goofy, playful but can also have more serious conversations. I've got the body and the brain; and I'm here to give you all of it. I love literature and cinema. I'm an avid reader, especially on topics related to travel, languages and social sciences. I'm a foodie eating cakes or baking while watching a movie. Having worked in the film industry, I am passionate about cinema and am always ready for endless conversations over the meaning of a film ending! So if you're short of date ideas; dinner and a movie can never fail.

The only question is, should we have dessert at my place or yours?

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