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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of clients do you see?

I see people who are polite and treat me with respect. The first contact is very important as I will not entertain those who address me in a rude manner. 
In terms of race, gender and disability, I do not discriminate between people I choose to see based on these factors. If you would like to meet and have any specific needs, please let me know in advance.

Do you party?

Yes I do. I really enjoy party bookings, as long as boundaries are clearly stated and respected (both yours and mine). However I charge an extra £100 per hour for any party booking.

Do you offer any extra?

Yes, I do. I play with individuals, couples, and other independent companions. If you would like me to bring a friend, just say the word! Please include what you're after when placing a booking enquiry.

Can I take you out on a date?

If you would like me to be your companion outside of the bedroom, you can take me out on a date, specifying that you would like to arrange a social date. Please provide details of what you envision, I will then give you a quote. 

Do you see women or couples?

I do, gladly! I consider myself pansexual, which means that I am attracted to all genders.

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